Lavallette real estate beach house with blue siding, multiple windows and glass doors, white railings on the decks of all stories and beach grass in landscape in foreground.

A quaint little town located in Ocean County New Jersey.  Lavallette is less than 1-square mile big, but it is not hard to see why Lavallette is so popular. The ocean is a draw for just about every town in the county, but especially so for towns like Lavallette that are located on the Barnegat Peninsula. Surrounded by water is the only way to live for some people. Whether it be year-round, or summer only, if you are looking to spend some time at the Jersey Shore, check out what is available in the Lavallette real estate market with a reputable, experienced realtor like Birchler Group. They have options available for every situation. No matter if it is for purchase or for rent, a romantic weekend getaway or a family reunion, a rental property investment or a lifetime home, Lavallette truly does have something for everyone.

The Water is the #1 Draw of Lavallette Real Estate

Every person looking to buy or rent in Lavallette is doing so because of its location. On one side of Lavallette is the ocean and the beaches. On the other, is the bay which is perfect for so many great water activities. Regardless of which you prefer, if you enjoy the water in any aspect, the towns located on the Barnegat Peninsula like Lavallette, are for you. Both the bay front and the oceanside beaches do require beach badges during the summer season. Many rental properties in locations like the Lavallette real estate market will provide badges for renters use during their stay. The ocean allows for swimming in guarded areas and surfing in designated areas. The bay offers up equally as fun activities in the forms of crabbing boating, jet skiing, and swimming also. Other fun games like tennis, shuffleboard, and bocce ball are also located at the beach.

There’s More Off the Beach

While the water is the number one draw for Lavallette, there is a wide variety of entertainment options off the beach as well. One popular family event is Movies on the Bay. These movies are completely free and are shown at the gazebo. The town is so accommodating that they move the movies to the First Aid building if the weather doesn’t cooperate. Also held at the gazebo are the summer concerts. Every summer during the summer, weather permitting, there is a free outdoor concert with a range of family-friendly artists. Another popular thing to do in the summer is play mini golf. Lavallette, like many vacation towns, has its own NJ themed 18-hole course. Lastly, there are restaurants to suite every taste and price range. Fast and affordable to fancy and more expensive, you don’t have to go far in Lavallette to eat well.

Lavallette Real Estate has Homes of All Shapes and Sizes

Aside from the range of beach activities and restaurant styles, Lavallette real estate has homes that run the gamut. Beach shacks are there for those looking for a cheaper beach vacation while large multi-family homes that are great investment opportunities are available for those with a larger budget. The price of a home is largely dependent on its distance to the water. Beach front homes are the most expensive where mid-block houses are lower on the spectrum and bay front are in the middle. Past that, size is the next factor determining cost. There are very large homes with upwards of 10 bedrooms down to little cottages perfect for two people. Summer vacationers can always find a rental home in Lavallette. Likewise, it never takes future permanent residents long to find the home of their dreams in this little Jersey shore town.

Lavallette Real Estate Agents Can Help

The best way to wade through the ocean of homes available in this area is to work with a Lavallette real estate agent. They always know the best listings and often know about new homes on the market before anyone.  It doesn’t matter if you are looking to buy, rent, or sell, a knowledgeable real estate agent is a must. As many people are aware, the real estate market is booming right now. Homes are being sold at such a fast rate that without an agent, a buyer can miss out on a lot of them. One trip to Lavallette is all it takes to fall in love with this town. That’s why the Lavallette real estate market is so flooded. This large number of homes available, however, is a good thing. It simply means that the Lavallette real estate market is full of homes that suit everyone’s needs.  

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