Monmouth County tree removal service can prevent large trees from toppling onto your home

A beautiful, strong, mature tree adds so much to a landscape. Trees can boost your curb appeal, reduce energy bills, and increase your property value. However, that is only true if you provide expert care for your trees. In a forest, trees maintain themselves with the support of all the other trees around them. On a residential property, this doesn’t happen. So, homeowners have to hire tree companies to care for their trees. Tree services like trimming, pruning, crown reduction, and tree removal are necessary to keep trees healthy and property safe. Monmouth County tree removal service from an experienced crew like the one at Ben Bivins Tree Experts is essential in the protection of your home and its residents.

Falling Branches Can Damage Property

Dead branches may not seem like a big deal. They are usually located high up in the air and are typically unreachable by anyone but a tree expert. Most people don’t think of tree trimming as an important part of tree care because branches will usually fall off on their own. For a tree located all alone far away from anything else, this is fine. However, for a mature tree growing next to a home or surrounded by other trees, this is a problem. Falling branches can bring down power lines causing chaos for an entire neighborhood. They can also fall onto lawns or drop onto roofs. Limbs that fall onto a lawn can result in large divots and craters. This can destroy lawn care equipment and is a tripping hazard to people and pets. Branches that fall onto a roof can also result in leaks and major property damage.

Monmouth County Tree Removal Service Protects People

In addition to unkempt trees damaging property, they pose a real threat to people. For one, falling branches can land on a person. Dead limbs may be much lighter than healthy ones, but when they fall on an individual, it can really hurt. Broken limbs can relate directly to broken bones so don’t be “that” homeowner. Don’t neglect your trees. They deserve and need proper care to keep them safe. Protect your family and visitors to your home with Monmouth County tree removal service.

Oftentimes, we don’t get to choose where the trees on our property are planted as they’ve been there for decades. Unfortunately, those that plant trees don’t think of their mature size when they plant them. This means, those little saplings that looked adorable next to a house ten years ago can pose a huge risk as the tree grows. A tree, at its full mature growth, should not be closer than twenty feet to any building. This isn’t just to protect homes and people from the parts of the tree above the ground, but from below as well.

Mature Roots Can Uproot a Landscape

Just as the canopy of a tree expands as the tree grows, the roots do also. Expanding farther and farther away from the trunk as the tree matures, roots can wreak havoc on landscaping and hardscaping. Strong roots have even been known to crack a homes foundation. Furthermore, roots, can cause bulges in hardscaping like driveways and walkways. Once this happens, water can seep into these cracks. The, freezing and thawing cycles can destroy these surfaces. In an even worst-case scenario than a cracked foundation, roots of a tree can even force their way into pipes to find moisture. Tree roots are nothing if not opportunistic. If they are allowed to, they will. This is why it’s important to have Monmouth County tree removal experts inspect your trees often and decide when a tree needs to go.

Monmouth County Tree Removal Service Reduces Damages

Monmouth County tree removal service can prevent large trees from toppling onto your home

Nobody likes to take down a tree. It should never be the first choice of a homeowner or tree experts. In some cases, though, Monmouth County tree removal service is the best option. Whether it is because of safety, because your yard receives too much shade and your grass won’t grow, or if the tree was damaged in a storm, sometimes a tree just has to go. In these cases, never attempt to take a tree down on your own. Always contact a professional because as dangerous as some trees are, taking a tree down is infinitely more dangerous.