When it comes to owning a home, it can feel like a never-ending chore. There is always something to clean, something to fix, or something to renovate. About half of the list of chores in a home are done on a very regular basis. Others, are only done once a year or less often. It is these tasks that only need to be attended to rarely that are often neglected all together. Many of these tasks are aimed at protecting your home from a number of dangers. This can make it dangerous as well as expensive to skip them. Whether these home chores are missed because they are simply forgotten about or because the homeowner thinks avoiding it will save them money, we don’t recommend skipping them. We’ll focus on three services today; duct service in Monmouth County, dryer vent cleaning, and chimney service.

Duct Service in Monmouth County is Most Skipped Service

The task of duct service in Monmouth County is one of the most avoided, neglected, skipped home services. One reason for this is simply out of sight, out of mind. You rarely, if ever, see your HVAC duct work. Therefore, you would hardly ever have reason to think of servicing it. One other top reason for the neglect of ductwork is the mixed information you can find on this topic online. There seems to be two groups of people on this topic. Those who feel it is very important and improves a homes indoor air quality and those who feel it is a complete waste of money. There is a lot to know about duct service in Monmouth County so to learn more, read this. It is always best to hire only trusted professionals to do this job so do your research before scheduling any appointment.

Dryer Vent Cleaning is Crucial

Exterior dryer vent being cleaned by a brush

Duct service in Monmouth County may not protect your home from any dangers other than harmful air particles, but dryer vent service is absolutely crucial. The first step of keeping your dryer vent and duct work clean is to remove all lint from the lint trap after every cycle. Skipping this easy step is a leading cause of home fires originating in the laundry room. However, even if you clean your filter with every use, some dust and lint is bound to make its way into the duct. Therefore, dryer vent cleaning on a regular basis is crucial in protecting your home against fire. How regular that is depends on your specific use, your dryer, and your home. If you are unsure how often to clean out your dryer vent, opt for a shorter period of time. Then you can have it done more often if the technician says to.

Chimney Service Keeps Homes Safe

Just as dryer vent cleaning helps protects homes against fires starting in the laundry room, chimney service helps to protect homes from chimney and house fires. The build-up of creosote is impossible to avoid. This is what makes chimney cleaning so important. Creosote is a black, tarry substance that accumulates on the inside of chimneys and is extremely flammable. Skipping this annual home service can be catastrophic. Homeowners that feel that this service is a scam and think you can keep your chimney clean enough with a self-cleaning log aren’t taking the safety of their home seriously enough. In addition to removing creosote, chimney sweeps inspect chimneys for damage and potential problems. Broken parts in a chimney can be just as dangerous as flammable by-products. They’re both impossible to fully evaluate without the assistance of a professional chimney service company.

Duct Service in Monmouth County May be the Least of Your Worries

Duct cleaning in Monmouth County being done by technician in black hazard suit, mask, and gloves

Of the three neglected home services we discussed today, duct service in Monmouth County may be the least of your worries. Unless, however, you or a housemate suffers from allergies or respiratory ailments like asthma or COPD. In that case, duct cleaning may be a service that you never, ever skip. Just as with most things in life, how often your home needs these and other services done depends completely on your specific details. The only task we discussed today that should be done every year, without fail, no matter what your circumstances is chimney cleaning. Skipping this service can be utterly devastating. Other home tasks like gutter cleaning and driveway sealing are often disregarded because they require effort. But even for the worst task, you can find a professional who will do it for you. Plus, they’ll probably do it better.