When you have your ducts cleaned, there are certain things that should be done.  Having just any company provide the service doesn’t mean they are doing the job correctly or thoroughly enough. There are a number of companies that primarily provide alternate services that think they can also complete duct service in Monmouth County as well.  If you’re considering having your carpet cleaning company clean your ducts, don’t. Without the proper equipment, training, and protocol, having your ducts cleaned could actually cause more harm than good. That being said, when you hire a competent, experienced, team who focuses on duct service in Monmouth County like Carlin Chimney and Duct Service, you can be sure the job is done right.

When Do Ducts Need to be Cleaned

Duct work doesn’t always need to be cleaned. There are certain situations and homes that require this service more often than others.  If there are people who suffer from allergies in the home, having your duct work cleaned can be beneficial when done properly. Removing all the dust, mold, and mildew from the ducts can alleviate some symptoms and improve your indoor air quality.  In addition, if your home contains pets that shed, that hair and dander can end up in your ducts. This can lead to narrowing of the passages, increased allergens being spread through the home, and inviting homes for rodents. One other cause for duct service in Monmouth County is having recently done renovations to your home. Whether your construction team appropriately sealed off vents or not, cleaning your ducts following renovations is a good idea.

Duct Service in Monmouth County Can Go Wrong

If you hire the wrong company, you may see tools that seem like they could do the job.  However, duct cleaning is something that requires a lot of preparation and special equipment. The average cleaning company does not have the right stuff in their arsenal. They also may lack the knowledge of duct work and how fragile it can be. A heavy duty wet-dry vacuum is not enough.  If that was enough, homeowners could clean their own ducts.  Whatever you do, don’t try this at home! Attempting to clean out your ducts without suitable equipment can cause irreparable damage.  This can lead to expensive repairs and replacement. When you choose to have your ducts serviced by just any company without doing appropriate research about their technique, you could be wasting your money and causing major damage to your home.

What Happens When it Goes Right

Duct service in Monmouth County being done by technician wearing a mask

There are certain things that should be done in order for duct service in Monmouth County to be worth the hassle and the money. Cleaning out ducts is more than just vacuuming the interior of the duct work.  All vents, coils, fans, filters, and system components should be cleaned as well.  Here are some things that should be done when duct work cleaning is done correctly:

  • All vents and registers should be fully obstructed during cleaning
  • Equipment such as rotary brushes, filtered negative air machines, and air whips should be used to assist in the cleaning process
  • Other components of your HVAC system should be cleaned including, but not limited to grills, registers, coils, fans, drain pans, and the exterior of your heat exchanger
  • There should be no visible damage to any portion of the duct work or HVAC components; it is important to check that the evaporator coil fins are not bent and are clean of debris
  • All access doors and panels should be put back in place using the appropriate screws or rivets
  • The best duct cleaning company will also sanitize and freshen your entire system leaving you with fresh clean air long after they leave
  • The interior of the duct work should look as clean as the day it was installed
  • Your system should function appropriately following completion of the cleaning

Finally, your technician should do a final walk through with you upon finishing the work to highlight all of the above mention areas to ensure the job was done accurately and thoroughly

Not All Duct Service in Monmouth County is Created Equal

While having your ducts cleaned is not relevant to every home, every year, it can be pretty easy to find a company who says they do this type of work.  Hiring the wrong team for the job, however, can not only waste the money you’ve paid them, it could result in costly repairs.  Duct work is actually a fairly fragile system.  It can be cracked, damaged, and broken pretty easily when the wrong tools are used on the interior of the air ducts.  All additional HVAC components should be handled with care as well. We urge you not to hire just any cleaning company to do any work on your air duct system.  Do your research and ensure that the technicians who are cleaning your ducts are certified, insured, and experienced.