As a homeowner, you have many responsibilities when it comes to home maintenance. Many of these chores seem insignificant and you may be inclined to put them off.  One such task is gutter cleaning in East Brunswick. When you consider that pretty much every home has a gutter system, it should make sense that gutters are important.  However, the task of cleaning your gutters is not fun.  It can also be dangerous and many people choose to avoid it.  This can be disastrous in the long run. The reason every home has gutters is because they provide an important wall of defense for your home. Neglecting the care and maintenance of your gutters can lead to leaks, water damage, and foundation cracks. If you are unable to complete your own gutter cleaning in East Brunswick, call an experienced company like TDM Construction to get on their schedule right away.

Why is Gutter Cleaning in East Brunswick So Important?

Gutters provide a very important chink your homes defenses.  Without clean gutters, water would not be diverted away from your roof and home. When gutters get clogged, rain cannot flow through the system leaving water in contact with your roof for extended periods of time. Over time, your roof would begin to rot.  Next comes the leaks.  When the leaks get out of control, now you’re dealing with water damage.  This is not only hazardous, messy, and a huge pain to take care of, it is immensely expensive.  That’s just the inside.

On the outside of your home, life without clean gutters is a mess. From puddles that never go away to eroding landscapes, the result of not having your gutters cleaned is disastrous.  Gutters easily and effectively guide water out and away from your home protecting your landscape and foundation. When you disregard the chore of gutter cleaning in East Brunswick, rain water will be unable to flow.  This will cause a waterfall effect out of your gutters. This quickly destroys any landscape with erosion and flooding. Also, if water cannot reach the downspout, it will not be directed away from your home. Allowing your foundation to remain in contact with water for too long can lead to dangerous cracks.

One simple way to avoid all this mess is to maintain and clean your gutters regularly.  If you can’t do it yourself, it is well worth it to have a professional do it for you.  They have all the right tools and all the right safety gear. Plus, they will inspect your gutters for wear and tear and make any repairs necessary to keep your home safe. 

Gutter Maintenance Tips

If you do choose to maintain your gutters on your own, here’s some good information to know about identifying weaknesses and how to repair them.

Gutter Cleaning in East Brunswick

gutter cleaning in east brunswick is necessary to keep your gutters from looking like these which are filled with moss and mold

As we’ve already mentioned, cleaning your gutters is the best way to keep them in tip-top shape and working order. How often you need to clean your gutters depends on your environment. Things like how many trees you have near your home and what type of climate you live in. If, for example, you live in a cold climate and do not keep your gutters clean, all the water trapped in them will freeze.  The extra weight will begin to pull the gutters away from your home, rendering them useless.

Secure Your Gutters

Making sure your gutters are securely attached to your home is imperative. If there is any part of your gutter that does not sit flush against your home, it needs to be rectified immediately. Using gutter screws works much better than the alternative which is gutter spikes.  The screws make a much stronger bond and result in a much more secure gutter system.

Find and Repair Leaks

Identifying leaks is important in your gutter system.  After you clean your gutters, flush some water through to look for any leaks.  If any are found, they need to be sealed.  Joints are another spot where leaks are likely. Silicone caulk can easily and quickly fixt these problems.  Follow the directions on the caulk you are using and ensure there are no leaks once the caulk is dry.

Make Sure Your Downspout is Functioning

One other important part of your gutters to check is the downspout and splash block.  Once you have completed the task of gutter cleaning in East Brunswick and repaired any damage or leaks, you need to ensure that rainwater is able to freely flow out of your downspout and away from your home via the splash block.  If you are missing a splash block, which is the bottom piece of your gutter system found at the end of your downspout, you are at risk of ruining your landscape and cracks in your foundation.

Gutter Cleaning in East Brunswick is Just One Part of Gutter Maintenance

Cleaning out your gutters of dirt and debris is just one step in keeping your gutters in proper working order.  While all parts of gutter maintenance are important, gutter cleaning in East Brunswick might be the most important. That’s why it is crucial to have it done at least twice a year.  Depending on your lot and your climate, it may be much more often than that.  Home owners that are either not able to or are uncomfortable getting up on a ladder should call for professional help. Not only do they do a thorough cleaning, they inspect your gutters to make sure they are still in good condition as well.  Repairing your gutters as soon as you see a problem and cleaning them as often as needed is essential to protecting your home and landscape.